Privacy Policy

The Axel and Margaret Ax:son Johnson Foundation for Public Benefit (organisation ID number 882000-4078) and its group companies process personal data in its operation.

This Privacy Policy applies generally to the processing of personal data within the Foundation. Personal data is processed in the Foundation’s CRM system. Personal data may also be processed on the Foundation’s distribution platforms and in certain cases by the Foundation’s service providers that, for example, deal with subscription mailings or seminar registration.  The Privacy Policy is applicable to employees, suppliers and guests.

1. Data controller

The Foundation is the data controller in most cases for the processing carried out within the Foundation’s operation. In certain cases, processing is carried out together with a cooperating partner such as, for example, a university or museum.

2. Personal data

2.1 What personal data is processed?

The Foundation may collect personal data about you in various contexts within the framework of its operation. This involves basic information such as name, address and contact details together with information about where you are employed and, in certain cases, occupational category such as, for example, trade and industry or media. We may also collect and process other information from you if this is necessary to perform a contract with you or to respond to your request for service. This data is obtained directly from you, your employer or, in certain cases, from publicly available sources.

2.2 Why is your personal data processed?

The Foundation processes personal data for administration and communication and also to provide public services and products. The processing is carried out following a balance of interests.

When attending the Foundation’s various activities, such as conferences and seminars, we may take recordings or photographs. This means that you may appear in sound or video recordings or photographs that the Foundation processes and that might also be published. The purpose of these recordings is often our ‘third stream activities’, i.e. to provide information about our operation. A list of attendees may be available to those attending conferences, seminars and other social contexts, providing details of your name and your employer. Personal data may also be used for targeted information about our operation, for example, mailings from Axess Publishing.

2.3 How is your personal data processed?

Access to your personal data is generally limited to those persons within the Foundation who need the data to perform their work.

The Foundation may share personal data with service providers such as, for example, taxi companies and catering providers, when providing conferences, seminars or other social contexts.

In addition to this, your personal data will be transferred to service providers that provide our IT systems and help us to mail newsletters and other communications. The Foundation always ensures that such transfer is carried out securely and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation.

2.4 Storage period

The Foundation processes personal data for as long there is a relationship with the data subject and for a period after this, as long as there is a legal basis.

3. Your rights

3.1 Registration extracts and corrections

You can request a register extract free of charge regarding the processing of personal data that the Foundation performs in respect of you. If you consider that any data is incorrect, you can ask to have this corrected. This excludes documentation of material already printed.

3.2 Erasure

Your personal data will not be kept for longer than specified in Section 2.4. However, you are entitled to demand erasure of incorrect data and also when the processing of personal data no longer fulfils any function. A request for erasure may also be made for personal data processed as a result of a legitimate interest.

3.3 Objection

You are entitled to object to processing performed on the basis of a legitimate interest.

3.4 Restriction of processing of personal data

You are entitled to ask for the processing of personal data to be restricted in the following cases.

1. If you are questioning the accuracy of the personal data.
2. If the processing of personal data is not permitted and you decide to restrict the processing of personal data instead of erasure.
3. If you have objected to the processing pursuant to a legitimate interest.

Restricting the processing of personal data means that the personal data will continue to be stored, but will otherwise not be processed any further by the Foundation without your consent.

3.5 Exercising your rights

You can contact the Foundation using the contact details provided in Section 4 if you wish to exercise one or more of your rights in accordance with the above.

4. Contact

Please send an email to the following address to contact the Foundation about the processing of personal data:

We might amend our Privacy Policy. This latest version of the Privacy Policy is available on this website.