Europa Programme

As part of its mission to foster dialogue on the most pressing global challenges, AJI is home to the Europa Programme which convenes small groups of leading policymakers, historians, and analysts of international relations from around the world for off-the-record roundtable meetings in the United Kingdom. In these private gatherings, participants freely exchange ideas, pose hard questions, discuss solutions, and offer candid thoughts on both the issues of the day and the broader sweep of historical events.

Initiated in March 2022 in the wake of Russia’s renewed war of aggression in Ukraine, the Europa Programme has focussed primarily on the European role in world order as its name implies. The programme takes a broad view of that mandate, both in terms of the subjects it covers and the voices it convenes from across the Atlantic and the Pacific, drawing upon the expertise and participation of practitioners and scholars from the United States, Canada, and Japan, as well as the United Kingdom and Continental Europe.

To date, the Europa Programme has hosted roundtables on the transatlantic community’s response to the war in Ukraine and Europe’s evolving sense of its position on the world stage, trilateral relations between the United States, Europe, and China amid a period of rising competition with Beijing, and the past,present, and future of NATO, with an emphasis on historical context, contemporary policy, and the evolution of the institution as it prepares to accept new allies. Future gatherings will focus on policy planning, among other subjects.